All about me: Scavenger Hunt

On the day you were born: "History around Me"


  • Groliers online -
    • type in the month and the day you were born - like "October 27"
    • put it in quotation marks - click GO
    • choose one article, scroll down to find the date in RED
    • write down a sentence that includes the date and something about the subject of the article

Magazines and Newspapers

Web sites -

  • Famous Birthdays - choose your month, and scroll down to find your date
    • Who was born on your birthday?
    • Write down the name of one famous person
  • choose one
    • On this Day - -- type in your birthday
    • On this day - Finding Dulcinea - use Quick search box and type in your birth day


Internet search: Google

  • choose one of the people, events, topics and do a search
    • use quotation marks
  • write down the bibliographic format for that webpage


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