Animals of Washington State - (and here is the 4th grade Works Cited format)

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first check out this awesome animal
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus ???

Books St. Joseph's Library - look by KEYWORD and SUBJECT

Grolier's online - (general, OK for well known animals) -

Citation example:
Banfield, A. W. F. "Coyote." Encyclopedia Americana. Grolier Online, Web. 5 May 2016

International Wildlife Encyclopedia -- book set in the library -- I will photocopy for you
International Wildlife Encyclopedia - online version

USERNAME = sjseattle
PASSWORD = jaguars

Citation example:
"Wolverine." International Wildlife. Marshall Cavendish Digital, Web. 5 May 2016.

Animal Diversity Web - U Michigan Museum of Zoology - great long articles



DK Find Out - Visual Encyclopedia of facts

Exploring - Exploring Nature Educational Resource - with pictures to color

Amsel, Sheri. "Kangaroo Rat." Exploring Nature Educational Resource. Web. 5 May 2016.

  • Google (and GoogleImages)
    • if more than 1 word, put the name of your animal in quotation marks
    • add the word animal to your search
    • use the Latin name in quotation marks
    • use Advanced Google and under occurances, click on as title of the page
(caution on using Wikipedia because can be edited online--so double check facts)

Other Internet sites - best sites in BOLD

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