Major biomes of North America

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Exploring Biomes of the World for animals, plants

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Biomes of the World (but need to focus only on North American area, animal, plants)

Check out this great site: Biomes of the World
now at Biomes of the World -- answer:

and watch out for sites by students: Biomes: by 9th grade students, at Thurston High School, Oregon- animals, plants, climate and health issues
World Biomes Boreal Coniferous Deciduous Desert Grassland Tropical Tundra
Enchanted Learning Taiga Temperate Deciduous Desert Grassland Rainforest Tundra
Mission:Biomes NASA   Coniferous Deciduous Desert Grassland Rainforest Tundra
Terrestial Communities - Natureworks Taiga   Deciduous   Grasslands Rainforest Tundra
World Biomes Blue Planet Taiga   Deciduous forest Desert NAm prairie Rainforest Tundra

Listing by site

Biomes - Enchanted Learning - click on your area, scroll down to North America - with black and white pictures and explanation

Biome summary - brief list of each with plants, animals, moisture and temperature - Center for Educational Technology

Enchanted Learaning - Biomes (2002)

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