4th grade library curriculum - library lesson plans -- Works Cited format and worksheet
NoodleTools - Show Me Literacy Information: book, internet, magazine, reference
Alphabet organizer - possible book/author organizing - ReadWriteThink

Author of the week
Genre of the month
Lesson of the day
Week 1 Jon Scieszka



3 Rs: Respect, Responsible, Resourceful

Enjoy the library - Breitlinks.com video

    What is a library - BrainpopJr.com
Week 2ArmstrongAdventure 

How to find a good book
Choosing a book - Brainpopjr.com

Week 3Winthrop



Book Adventure set up

 Enright  Punctuation Day -Eats, Shoots, Leaves game (save the comma)
Week 4Roald Dahl   Alphabetize titles - Dahl
Roald Dahl - BrainPop
OctoberJulie Andrews Edwards  Using the catalog and How to search OPAC / wooksheet PDF
Week 5MorpurgoMystery Record of a book PDF with Hurwitz
Week 6 Eager  Scavenger hunt A / hunt B
Week 7DeClement

Dictionary Day -- crossword / clues
Guidewords online game - Rags to Riches quia game

Week 8


Sydney Taylor

  Halloween topics in encyclopedias
November   Halloween Riddles with Dewey
Week 9KehretHistorical Fiction  Author searching - Last names (Tikki Tikki Tembo-FT MOS)
worksheet PDF
Week 10Astrid Lindgren
  Author part of a call number / match book cards / quia matching - What section of the library - call #s quia matching
Week 11Whelan  Author order 2 - / -call number order 4
Week 12Auch  

What is a call number? with big spine examples
have students make with small white boards or Call Number Make PDF

  reading bingo plain Thanksgiving Encyclopedias and / or Dewey Thanksgiving Riddles
  reading bingo dewey 

November FIND - Native Ameircan books

which Branch pdf

December   CATs for books- worksheet / online w book
Week 13MacDonald  Which Shelf boards with little books / worksheet
Week 14Godden  Where do they go? and worksheet which call # section
Week 15Atwater  How are they arranged on shelf?
Week 16Avi  game - author/title/subject/series
January   Scholastic Book Fair and bookmark contest
 RodgersHero Biography WhoWas PDFNewbery minihunt (PDF) - POWER searching
 Lofting  bibliography for biography / Jacket poster / real biog books
 Bellairs  book fair video
 Dorris  Scholastic book fair
February reading bingo  Dewey connection / genre connection / Fiction/NF
 Blume  CATs for books OPAC- small version
 Lisle  Valentine REDPowerSearch OPAC
    alphabetize FIC spines -- Blume
 Gorman  Peter Pan Week - mapping StoryLands with worksheet PDF
 Mary Norton   Find a book - OPAC author
March   Find a book - OPAC subject/Dewey

Seuss TitlePage Bibliography

Seuss birthday - BrainPopJr. - Seuss and Dewey
    Iditarod OPAC searching PDF
 Graham  Intro Dewey - Dave's Rock shop book / Library Gingerbread Man
Dewey PPT - How Dewey invented DDC
Dewey Readers Theatre PDF

Dewey Rap!! Joan McElfresh - Montgomery Country Public Schools, MD - PPT version with sound -
Dewey Rap - audio versions by students with Wordle art
Dewey Rap - You Tube
with DeweyMatch columns


Library Labyrinth -Dewey Questions - Dewey Derby

 Fleischman, Sid   

Dewey - Gingerbread book Smartboard - Dewey and Sujbects
with worksheet

April due April 1 vote Sasquatch / YRC
 Rodda  Bevery Cleary - online interview - alphabetize spines -Cleary in Dewey
    EarthDay Dewey FIND
 Yep  NW animal reports - books, subject ency., google quotations
  National Lib. Week History of books - worksheet (LibrarySparks-Jan.2005) / PDF also PPT/notebook file (did2013 - used to do with 3rd grade)
 Warner (boxcar)   

Dewey Sports Bingo PDF
Dewey Wildlife 590 PPT - modified on Smartboard
DeweySnicket PDF worksheet and PPTlike file

 Lovelace  poetry online
 Giff  BrainPop decimals
 Hill  Dewey- OPAC find by subjects on shelf
May Be Kind Animals week Dewey and Dogs PDF
 Baum  Dewey ordering - SmartBoard - Number order challenge with .doc
 Coville Bibliography
Bibliography 2
Bibliography for NW animals PDF Title page / Title page2cities
 Paulsen  Book/Record PDF



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