4th grade library curriculum - library lesson plans -- Works Cited format and worksheet
NoodleTools - Show Me Literacy Information: book, internet, magazine, reference
Alphabet organizer - possible book/author organizing - ReadWriteThink

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Genre of the month
Lesson of the day
Week 1 Jon Scieszka



3 Rs: Respect, Responsible, Resourceful

Enjoy the library - Breitlinks.com video

    What is a library - BrainpopJr.com
Week 2ArmstrongAdventure 

How to find a good book
Choosing a book - Brainpopjr.com

Week 3Winthrop



Book Adventure set up

 Enright  Punctuation Day -Eats, Shoots, Leaves game (save the comma)
Week 4Roald Dahl   Alphabetize titles - Dahl
Roald Dahl - BrainPop
OctoberJulie Andrews Edwards  Using the catalog and How to search OPAC / wooksheet PDF
Week 5MorpurgoMystery Record of a book PDF with Hurwitz
Week 6 Eager  Scavenger hunt A / hunt B
Week 7DeClement

Dictionary Day -- crossword / clues
Guidewords online game - Rags to Riches quia game

Week 8


Sydney Taylor

  Halloween topics in encyclopedias
November   Halloween Riddles with Dewey
Week 9KehretHistorical Fiction  Author searching - Last names (Tikki Tikki Tembo-FT MOS)
worksheet PDF
Week 10Astrid Lindgren
  Author part of a call number / match book cards / quia matching - What section of the library - call #s quia matching
Week 11Whelan  Author order 2 - / -call number order 4
Week 12Auch  

What is a call number? with big spine examples
have students make with small white boards or Call Number Make PDF

  reading bingo plain Thanksgiving Encyclopedias
  reading bingo dewey which Branch pdf
December   CATs for books- worksheet / online w book
Week 13MacDonald  Which Shelf boards with little books / worksheet
Week 14Godden  Where do they go? and worksheet which call # section
Week 15Atwater  How are they arranged on shelf?
Week 16Avi  game - author/title/subject/series
January   Scholastic Book Fair and bookmark contest
 RodgersHero Biography WhoWas PDFNewbery minihunt (PDF) - POWER searching
 Lofting  bibliography for biography / Jacket poster / real biog books
 Bellairs  book fair video
 Dorris  Scholastic book fair
February reading bingo  Dewey connection / genre connection / Fiction/NF
 Blume  CATs for books OPAC- small version
 Lisle  Valentine REDPowerSearch OPAC
    alphabetize FIC spines -- Blume
 Gorman  Peter Pan Week - mapping StoryLands with worksheet PDF
 Mary Norton   Find a book - OPAC author
March   Find a book - OPAC subject/Dewey

Seuss TitlePage Bibliography

Seuss birthday - BrainPopJr. - Seuss and Dewey
    Iditarod OPAC searching PDF
 Graham  Intro Dewey - Dave's Rock shop book / Library Gingerbread Man
Dewey PPT - How Dewey invented DDC
Dewey Readers Theatre PDF

Dewey Rap!! Joan McElfresh - Montgomery Country Public Schools, MD - PPT version with sound -
Dewey Rap - audio versions by students with Wordle art
Dewey Rap - You Tube
with DeweyMatch columns


Library Labyrinth -Dewey Questions - Dewey Derby

 Fleischman, Sid   

Dewey - Gingerbread book Smartboard - Dewey and Sujbects
with worksheet

April due April 1 vote Sasquatch / YRC
 Rodda  Bevery Cleary - online interview - alphabetize spines -Cleary in Dewey
    EarthDay Dewey FIND
 Yep  NW animal reports - books, subject ency., google quotations
  National Lib. Week History of books - worksheet (LibrarySparks-Jan.2005) / PDF also PPT/notebook file (did2013 - used to do with 3rd grade)
 Warner (boxcar)   

Dewey Sports Bingo PDF
Dewey Wildlife 590 PPT - modified on Smartboard
DeweySnicket PDF worksheet and PPTlike file

 Lovelace  poetry online
 Giff  BrainPop decimals
 Hill  Dewey- OPAC find by subjects on shelf
May Be Kind Animals week Dewey and Dogs PDF
 Baum  Dewey ordering - SmartBoard - Number order challenge with .doc
 Coville Bibliography
Bibliography 2
Bibliography for NW animals PDF Title page / Title page2cities
 Paulsen  Book/Record PDF



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