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Flocabulary - Bibliography

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Week 1  


3 Rs: Respect, Responsible, Resourceful
Reading Wheel
PDF Reading Wheel with labels
Week 2 Paul Fleischman Historical Fiction

Chemical element report -
bibliographies -- Fractured Bibliography - PDF form and then BibMe PDF
Chemical Elements sites
Chemical element homepage hunt


Talk like a Pirate Day - Sept. 19
FindingFiction and NonFiction with Call Numbers - with Pirates
remember Call numbers -- Smartboard CallNumbers shelf
Pirates -- Google Form -- Pirate women form
Pirate Treasure Hunt PDF (p.2)with Pirate Hunt map

    Columbus Day Columbus Day -- Web page and online resources -- and NonFiction book Hunt
Week 3 Susan Cooper


Punctuation Day - Sept. 24 -- for bibliographies
Eats, Shoots and Leaves -- SmartboartBook / game - Derek's story PPT
Victor Borge sound effects of punctuation
Electric Company CD Episode 166, Volume 2, disc 1 min.24

Bibliography from Title Page and then BibMe PDF
Read a record/Bibliography PDF-- elements

Week 4 Mildred Taylor  

How to find a good book
How to find a good book quiz
Goldie Socks and the Three Librearians

October   Poetry
(in class)
How to search the OPAC / worksheet PDF
Week 5 Bloor  

Banned Book Week - ALA video then PPT with bookmark list

Copyright - videos: What's copyright / Fair(y) Use Tale then Quiz
Copyright basics

ME -- copyright basics
BrainPOP - Copyright -- first copyright law May 31, 1790

Week 6 Karen Cushman  

identifying 3 simple ReadWriteThink
- Paraphrasing
Identifying effective Paraphrasing - online practice Wisc-online
Paraphrase passages (3) - CUNY
practice PDFs ReadWriteThink - students do
from Plagiarism and Paraphrasing ReadWriteThink

Week 7



Gerald Morris

  Scavenger hunt A / hunt B
Week 8 Laurie Anderson
Katherine Paterson
Dictionary Day

Miss Alaineus disaster - dictionary - or
Heteronyms or Brainpop - dictionary & Thesaurus
or Idioms and cliches -- paint by idiom online

Flocabulary Idioms - mouth of horse

  Stroud Internet birthday, Oct. 29, 1969

Halloween (Day of the Dead) encyclopedia online

FIND a ghost/horror book -- whole list / individual book

November   History Internet PPT

FIND a Fiction computer book

Week 9 Shusterman Africa report Africa Reference books - Encyclopedias PDF (gen.&spec.)
Week 10

Christopher Paolini - B&N author video
Borders online interview video

  Africa Online sources - worksheet Africa
Africa Historical Maps
Week 11 Henkes

Africa - current issues PDF - magazines, newspapers, online
Africa FT- pourquoi
PDF and African Tales

      Africa FIND 3 books - Easy, Fiction, NF
Week 12 CS Lewis    
      November is Aviation History month PDF
December     Thanksgiving-Had PDF

Peacemaker project -- Peacemaker Search PDF

Peacemaker and DeweyA PDF and B

Jane Addams Peace award search with Dec. NF and Dec. REF


Personal Narratives
Alexander not move, Viorst

Owl Moon, Yolen

All about me: online internet hunt
On the day you were born and worksheet PDF
All about me: reference and book hunt
Week 13 Pierce Computer Science Education Week Dec. 5-11

What is the internet - history, plus web, mail, chat, etc.

History of the Internet and Quiz
What is Internet- Brainpop -- my quiz-- exit sheet IP address PDF

Week 14 Dickinson WWW birthday 12/25 Internet terminology - cards & worksheet
    WWW vs Internet

What is internet (mail, etc.) Pitchford
What is Internet - WyDea.com
How internet works: World Wide Web in Plain English - CommonCraft.com
What is a browser (vs. search engine) - video

Week 15 Avi / Cross Fantasy Genre Game PDF  
Week 16 Munro Ryan   game - Ups Downs
pre Newbery best book recommendation
January   Fantasy and Fables Scholastic Book Fair
  New Year traditions PDF and web page- Google form - Google with quotations
Brainpop New Year Traditions
  VanDraanen / Ho Mock Newbery ppt Newbery minihunt (PDF)- POWER searching and Newbery winners ppt
  London   Newbery Nonsense OR Newbery first lines PDF w/Google Advanced
  Cormier   author video / bookfair
Julius Lester-Scholastic
  Broadening and Narrower
Broader terms
  Ibbotson   OPAC catalog search options review



  Internet terminology - hangman
Internet terminology - matching/concentration
February   Mystery Valentine's day scavenger hunt :Internet Book Ency. Dictionary Atlas


  Invisible Web miniquiz - subject directories
  Crossley Holland  

Web evaluation - why wary - Hoaxes
BrainPOP - Online Sources (evaluation)
Flocabulary - source evaluation

  Woodson Presidents reference hunt review/test (PDF example)  

What are URLs, why important -- URLs PDF and also Smartboard file
URL matching -- URL matching / concentration
What part of the URL is it - Quia quiz
World War II URLs PDF

  Lawrence, Ian   Internet terminology + URLs - Quia review
  Voigt   Internet searching - Brainpop - Iditarod women worksheet
March   Adventure Internet search quiz - search engine math
Dr. Seuss online hunt PDF and other information/links
  Linda Sue Park Not Just Google Google v. Yahoo - variety of search engines - Best 2015 + Info Revolution video
    Iditarod Iditarod OPAC search/bibliography
      Iditarod -- Magazines-Proquest
  TA Barron   Google Advanced
      Search Engine Tutorial - directories, keyword, meta
  Sewell Proverbs Quotations book
      vote YRC - due April 1
April   Science Fiction /
Non Fiction
Internet Terminology - Quia match - Quia hangman - Bingo
  McCaffrey Plagiarmism Education Week April 22ish fact & opinion: True Story of 3 Little Pigs
Harry Potter story with fact and opinion
Fact and Opinion with Bees - Teacher Domain
Fact and Opinion with Manatees
      NationalBookmobile Day -and around world hunt PDF
countries based on My Librarian is a Camel
  RIchard Peck   Paul Revere's ride - April 18/19 1775 Samrtboard book and PDF
  Haddix   Titanic sinking scavenger hunt PDF April 13,14
Advanced Google- Poetry scavenger hunt
  J. Christopher   Poetry Homepage hunt
      Animal poems using Animal Info sheet and Cinquain poem
  Mary Hoffman   Poetry Hunt - all reference/internet
  Duncan   National Library Week - Boy raised librarians -scavenger hunt
      April FIND Fiction / NonFiction PDF
  April 30, 1993 birthday Web

Tim BernersLee- birthday of Web (on Internet) - first URL

First web page - August 6, 1991 First web page Aril 30 1991

May   Historical Fiction /
Fine arts
  Cadnum   Cinco de Mayo -- with Cinco de Mayo internet/book scavenger hunt --Cince de Mayo AV2 book with videos and/or PPT
  Zindel   NW connections Almanac (PDF)
  Doyle   historical maps - Zheng He -- create own based on voyages
  Naidoo   Alphabet Scavenger hunt = test
  Cooper   Migrations of Animals / Journey of People PDFs
  TH White    
June     Landmarks of countries - scavenger hunt (PDF)
      All about me - history around me - reference, web, magazine
      What's in a name interactive - ReadWriteThink

homepage hunt - Library history


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