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HENRICUS MARTELLUS WORLD MAP, c1490 = Columbus used to persuade not a great distance between Europe and China by sea.

WALDSEEMULLER WORLD MAP, 1507 - America named

Ten greatest maps that changed the world - exhibit at British museum

United States history

Other historical maps

Historical Maps - links from
Maps - finding our place in the world - interactive historical map exhibition Chicago Field Museum
Newbery Library - Historic Maps in the k-12 classroom lesson plans
Tapestry of Grace: Geography


Brookings Institute - Interactive State of Metropolitan America Indicator Map How quickly have the suburbs in the American southeast grown over the past decade? This question, and many others, are answered in fine visual form on this website, created by staff members at The Brookings Institution. Visitors can use the interactive maps to look over population, ethnicity, age, and educational attainment distributions across the United States. Each map contains a zoom feature, and visitors can use the subject indicators to look at different variables. Also, visitors can toggle through different geographic scales of focus, including metro areas, center cities, suburbs, and states. Finally, visitors can also download and read "The State of Metropolitan America" report which provides additional perspective on some of these recent demographic trends.


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