Searching the internet : before you send and Doodle4GoogleContest -- Doodle History -- VOTE

SUBJECT DIRECTORIES: search for BROAD SUBJECTS - chosen by PEOPLE - get fewer, great results - small databases

Internet Public Library

KEYWORD SEARCH ENGINES : search for SPECIFIC WORDS---COMPUTER chooses -- 10 best for 2015 -- 12 alternative for 2014 (with CC)

related search words

with interactive visual web

an academic search engine
web and documents


Wolfram Alpham
a computational knowledge engine

META-SEARCH ENGINES: search SEVERAL search engines at once so results = top best

(Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask)

deep web (groups)

rug in Gungahlin Library in Canberra, Australia

Successful Internet Research - 16 min. with history, etc.- Answers .com
gr. 5-12 from Chris' Smith's: Videos for Information Literacy and Fluency blog

Wading through the Web - Read Write Think PPT and lesson with
Internet Citation Organizer PDF
see also Joyce Valenza's list of new search tools

Who's really winning the search war? SearchEngineLand


Jeff Utecht searching lessons by grade level (fake sites)

Videos to become a savvy searcher (Schauffler Lib)

Why word order matters also at Free Tech for Teachers

created by

What's Copyright Media Education Lab Temple U
Lyrics PDF

Browser Wars -PC magaine

created by

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet * By Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff -- Wired September 2010

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