Searching the internet : before you send and Doodle4GoogleContest -- Doodle History -- VOTE

SUBJECT DIRECTORIES: search for BROAD SUBJECTS - chosen by PEOPLE - get fewer, great results - small databases

Internet Public Library

KEYWORD SEARCH ENGINES : search for SPECIFIC WORDS---COMPUTER chooses -- 10 best for 2014 -- 12 alternative for 2014 (with CC)


an academic search engine
web and documents

Wolfram Alpham
a computational knowledge engine

colored groupings
META-SEARCH ENGINES: search SEVERAL search engines at once so results = top best

(Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask)


deep web

rug in Gungahlin Library in Canberra, Australia

Seven search engines for students
Top 10 best search engines
Why not use just Google - Victoria College / U Illinois

Successful Internet Research - 16 min. with history, etc.- Answers .com
gr. 5-12 from Chris' Smith's: Videos for Information Literacy and Fluency blog

Wading through the Web - Read Write Think PPT and lesson with
Internet Citation Organizer PDF
see also Joyce Valenza's list of new search tools
and other search tool lists ----* narrows, groups, or clusters


Jeff Utecht searching lessons by grade level (fake sites)

Videos to become a savvy searcher (Schauffler Lib)

Why word order matters also at Free Tech for Teachers

created by

What's Copyright Media Education Lab Temple U
Lyrics PDF

Detecting Lies and staying true -- Google Literacy Tour -- Become an online sleuth

Browser Wars -PC magaine
created by

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet * By Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff -- Wired September 2010

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