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April 12, Beverly Cleary
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Local Reading Award nominees for 2014
nominated by students for students

Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award nominees
for 2nd and 3rd graders

Other Reading Suggestions
1st and 2nd grade
genre lists

A Book and A Hug
book recommendations

I'm DONE !! Now what can I do???

BOOKS - choose visual screeneBooks online media enhanced books online
Book Adventure - quizzes
BrainHive -- read books online
myON -- over 7,000 online books -- FREE trial
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TrueFlix - nonfiction reading fun with quick videos and activities

Tumblebooks -- FREE trial premium with Graphic Novels

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GAMESlibrary games
Scholastic News
Earth Space and Science Encyclopedia
Grolier Encyclopedia online
Wonderopolis - where the wonders of learning never cease
Bouncy balls noise volume and also Calmness Counter

Summer Reading

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Bibliography format - 5th grade
If you have questions, comments, or complaints , please send them to Barb Cutler, Librarian. Last updated 7/2013