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Day of the Dead -Dictionary Day - Halloween - Hispanic Heritage Month- Month of Mary -Nobel Prizes - Spiders - return to Standard time

October is National Bullying Prevention Month --
Cyberbullying and internet safety issues -with Social Media tips/rules
PDF from Media Smarts

Common Sense Media

    Hispanic Heritage Month - September 15-October 15

    Columbus Day -- see full list from Media Specialist Guide to the Internet

    Day of the Dead

    Dictionary Day - October 16th - Noah Webster -- Fact sheet about him and Brief Bio and longer History also Newspaper type The Mini Page PDF about him and activities
    Noah Webster and his Words -- online book trailer video

    Dictionaries game - BBC Bitesize

    Find the Word game- BBC


    • Miss Alaineus - author video and others on book
    • Boy who loved words - Schotter
    • Library Dragon - Deedy - idioms, fire words
    • Max's words - Banks
    • Monkey business - Edwards - idioms
    • There's a frog in my throat - Leedy - idioms
    • Thesaurus Rex - Steinberg

    Fire Prevention Week - Oct. 5-11 - Scholastic slide show and game


    Make a difference Day - 4th Saturday in October

    Nobel Prizes announced - starting October 3rd

    Spiders --
    Spiders and Scorpions
    at ExploringNature.org (if you need passwords, please email Mrs. Cutler )
    Spider myths - Burke Museum

    Standard time: return to from Daylight Savings time - Brain Pop

    World Food Day - October 16 -- World Food Day USA

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