Rivers of the World

Almanac information

Encyclopedia information

Internet searching : ie., Google -- hints

  • put the name of your river in QUOTATION MARKS
  • do an ADVANCED search and put your river as the TITLE of the PAGE
    • use this exact wording line
    • use the last section "Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more" and then Where your keywords show up = Title
  • check the URL address to see who is publishing the web page and their perspective
    • a newspaper? -- current, popular account
    • a government agency? --tourism?
    • an organization? -- purpose?

Online web sites


Student projects - be careful of information since done by students or teachers


All Star River Explorers - audio/video website explaning how US rivers form, why important, management of: U Illinois

Rivers and Streams - parts of: river zones, watershed, how formed, dams, hydroelectric power -- Missouri Botanical

What is a river - basic information with great animated dam diagrams

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