Names: ________________________ AND _____________________ Class: ________


Welcome to the Library Neighborhood (B)


Each of the colored areas on your map of the library represent a specific area its address!!

Go to each of the colored areas and write down on your paper what is there.

Look for the signs posted there. Choose from this list


Check out counter Encyclopedias New books

Copy machine Fairy Tales (Folk Tales) Non Fiction books

Easy Picture Books Fiction books Pencil sharpener

Early Chapter Books Magazines Series books


1. The blue striped area by the bookworm are ______________________________________


2 The light blue area along the south wall are all _____________________________ books


3. The brown rectangle area nearby are all the ___________________________ books


4. The yellow striped area along the long east wall are ___________________________books


5. The solid red rectangle are ______________________________________


6. The solid dark blue area with slanted shelves has the _______________________________


7 Solid pink rectangle is the _________________________________________


The solid green box behind it is the __________________________________


The little red half circle back by the window is the _________________________________


8. The light green rectangle where the slanted shelves and the spinning rack is where the


___________________________________ are displayed.


9. The orange rectangles are where the ___________________________________books are


10. Inside the square with the green striped area are __________________________________